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blood-on-the-page said: Chuck, I am not sure if you have answered a question about this or not but I will apologize in advance if redundant. What happened to get your books to the big screen? Did people like Fincher come to you or were you shopping ideas to producers? Always wanted to know this because your writing style is so unique. Thanks


A friend of David’s read the book and gave it to him.  He tried to option it but found Fox Studios had already done so.  During this time I was still at Freightliner, working under trucks, completely oblivious to what was about to happen.  My talent is not selling my stuff.  God bless my agent, Edward Hibbert, a good friend since 1993… 1994?  Since forever, at least.

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theandrewtaco said: I've been rewatching Fight Club a lot recently, and there's one thing that I don't understand. Could you explain the significance of the scene where the narrator explains Tyler's splicing of porn into films?


In the film it’s a funny way to deconstruct the medium and acknowledge that we’re watching a film.  And it’s a perfect set-up for the penis at the ending.  In the book Tyler uses the splices to blackmail money from the projectionist union.

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In a fight who would win, do you think, Ruth or Lisbeth?

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Screenwriter Jim Uhls breaks the first rule of Fight Club : [p.1]  [p.2] (respectively starts [14:06] , [11:48])

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unpeaches said: What is your dog called? And why?


The dog’s called “Egg” because she arrived while we had a very old dog named “Chick.”   Not my clever decision, but when you love someone you respect their dog-naming choices. 

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Anonymous said: How did you get over your "lonely messed-up kill-yourself childhood."?


You fictionalize it.  Use the story so it stops using you.  Read “Heartburn” and see what Nora Ephron does with her shitty divorce.  Especially the last chapter.  That’s the way to conquer unhappy events. 

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The Social Network vs. Tumblr

vs. Tumblr series (1/?)

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innerpreneur said: Chuck, who would've look more like the image of Tyler Durden you imagined? Was Brad Pitt the closest of all famous names? Also, congratulations on your marriage. PD: started reading Damned!


No question about it, Brad and Edward were dream casting.  Helena was David’s vision.  I was pushing for Courtney Love.  David was so right.

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Guardian: Jesse Eisenberg Night Moves Webchat

  • Asked: Give us aspiring directors something you learnt from working with David Fincher.
  • JessEisenberg: It is a bit difficult to describe his directing process because I was not watching him with any objectivity. But we sat on a panel at a middle school together and he was asked this question and his answer was very interesting. He said that modern technology makes it impossible to make any excuses for not making something. Because it is so cheap and easy to make a movie compared to what it would have taken even ten years ago, there should be no reason to not make something.
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Favorite movies | The Social Network (2010) dir. by David Fincher

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